Stewardship, taking care of what you love

Cindy Brooks

There is something soulfully human in gazing far out into the distance at the horizon, especially at the fine line where the edge of the sky meets a vast body of water. In that expansiveness is a sense of calm, spaciousness, and possibility.

In the study of Permaculture, the edges of things are described as most prolific. It’s easy to observe the rich biodiversity of an estuary where fresh water meets the sea, or the fringe of a meadow where it meets a thickening forest. At the edges in-between, life is abundant, energy is palpable and growth more rapid.

In human society, living into the edge is the willingness to take the whole of one’s self into a collective space with other forward thinking people. It’s where knowledge and awareness from a variety of perspectives co-mingle and evolve into strategy and action. Conscious engagement through the actions of people working together toward a common goal will be the heart and soul of future legends and lasting legacy. Stewardship can be as simple as is being together and taking care of what you love.

Cindy Brooks Wellness is in a transition period, evolving the practice of coaching and consulting to better serve the need for innovative leadership for the 21st century.

  • CBW is making the leap from coaching individuals and groups, to consulting with business striving to be sustainable, committing to making a positive impact.
  • Limited individual coaching is available in the spirit of growing capacity and supporting human potential as the spark and flame of sustainable change.
  • We are contributing to the development of a startup company that exemplifies impactful business principles, the Alinker Inventions Ltd. Find out more here:
  • We are developing capacity in ourselves at Pinchot University, via an MBA program in Sustainable Business.
Cindy Brooks

Alinker Inventions Ltd.

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